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Wed, 12 December 2018

Shell Intilaaqah Club is an association for Shell Intilaaqah alumni networking. It is aimed to providing its members opportunities to explore best business management practices and strategies, through networking, access to entrepreneurial resources, exchange of business ideas and successful entrepreneurial & leadership practices. The club aims to create a dynamic and trusted environment where entrepreneurs discuss their business and challenges, share and receive practical advice, network and socialize professionally with a group of peer entrepreneurs as well as to track the performance of Shell Intilaaqah Alumni.

Shell Intilaaqah Club aim to:
-Provide a platform for Shell Intilaaqah Alumni for learnings about innovation and entrepreneurship from industry experts, experienced entrepreneurs, and investors.
-Provide a platform for exchange and discussion of business ideas, opportunities, and experiences.
-Provide access to other SME eco-system players such as educational institutions, companies, research centers, incubators and experienced professionals.
-Track the performance of Shell Intilaaqah Alumni.
-Create a community feel among the Shell Intilaaqah graduates/Alumni.
-Maintain the entrepreneurial spirit within the community of Shell Intilaaqah graduates/Alumni.
-Increase the program’s added value and its visibility.
Membership Eligibility
Shell Intilaaqah participant who has:
-Successfully completed at least Bright Ideas and BSOM of Intilaaqah workshops, or
-Successfully completed at least three specialised training workshops.
-Shell Intilaaqah alumni who own a start-up venture.
-The membership will not discriminate on the basis of: Age, Race, Colour, Gender, Ancestry, Disability, Marital Status.
Membership Requirement
-Membership candidates should be willing to share experience.
-Entrepreneurs should be willing to share their company’s registration documents, financials position and other details which will be kept confidential unless agreed with the member in writing for sharing
-Maintain active participation in activities sponsored by Intilaaqah Club, i.e. participate in at-least 50% of Shell Intilaaqah Club activities.
Membership Fee
Club membership and services benefits and access to events are free of charge
Membership Benefits
1.Access to networking, idea sharing, and presentations from innovators, catalysts and thought leaders
2.Develop skills set to support business development that will add value to the economy
3.Develop skills for running and struggling business to manage business successfully
4.Access to E-learning materials and E-newsletter subscription
5.Priority access to Shell Intilaaqah programs, activities and events
6.Priority access to Shell Intilaaqah Counselling and Mentoring program (ICMP)
7.Participate in national and internationals Shell Intilaaqah and Shell Livewire competitions,
8.Participate in best practice visits local/regional/international when available
9.Opportunity to giving back to the society by networking and sharing expertise in various fields,
10.Opportunity to publish on club eNewsletter
11.Benefit from future Club signed MOUs with potential service providers
12.Benefit from future Club future International club memberships and affiliations
Membership Process
Membership Application
-Membership application forms can be collected from Shell Intilaaqah office in person or downloaded from the website
-Applicants are required to provide details as per Membership Application Form -Annex- 1
-Online submission: applicants fill the required form online and submit the same online itself. OR
-E-mail: applicant download and fill form from the website, and email Shell Intilaaqah Club at
-Forms will be assessed by the membership committee for approval.
-Acknowledgement will be sent to applicant after review and processing of the form. The membership confirmation should be given within 10 working days of submission.
Membership expiration and renewal
-Memberships will be valid for 12 months from the date of activation, unless otherwise indicated.
-Membership can be conveniently renewed at the start of each membership year when members sign up for renewal.
-Provision of registry system with auto renewal subject to few conditions be fulfilled i.e. minimum attendance in events, update of company documents, etc.
-An email reminder will be sent in the renewal month so that member can take appropriate step to renew membership.
-A confirmation mail is sent to members on completion of the renewal process. This is expected to be completed before the expiry of the membership period.